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2018 IOM European Championships Wrap Up



Note: Long Beach’s Mark Golison placed 13th in a tough 76 boat fleet.



2018 IOM Midwinters

Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond – February 23 – 25, 2018


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L to R: Steve Washburn, Gary Boell, Mark Golison, Barry Donaher, John Ebey and Steve Landeau / Photo Bomb: Jess Atkinson

2017 IOM US Nationals – SoCal’s Mark Golison the Runner Up in a 41 Boat Fleet

2017 IOM Nationals (at Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland, TX)

October 19 – 22, 2017

Bob Wells Reporting


SCSN Editor’s Note: Mark Golison’s second place finish ranks him now as the number one IOM sailor in the USA.

Rankings Here


From IOM Sailor Bob Wells:

A USA IOM Nationals event is to look forward to, and once again we were not disappointed. High level sailing is the main draw, and Garland provided epic radio sailing conditions for us. The venue is well suited for socializing because most of us stayed at the same Holiday Inn Express & Suites and then we walk a short distance to the restaurants or this amazing radio sailing venue. Not everybody was prepared to sail in A-fleet, but everybody had their A-game working on the social side. What great fun day and night!

Some make a bigger commitment to attend than others, and we were blessed with many foreign travelers joining us as is usually the case. Four Aussie skippers made the crazy long flight, with two wives that contributed significantly every day to the scoring and the measurement verification – thank you Elaine and Audree. We had two Brazilians, including Denis Astbury, a Britpop builder of note in our circles. We had World Champion Zvonko Jelacic returned from Croatia to defend his 2016 USA Championship. Stan Wallace came in again from the Bahamas.

A crowded A-Fleet start in waves with the smart money lining up for the congested pin end. Alyssa Heyns Photo

And then we had a large contingent of SoCal Nomads, with Ben Reeve and David Woodward long hauling their team’s boat kit from San Diego while their buddies used airlines. What an excellent way to share travel costs and encourage your team to sail together at big distant venues. Well done all.

Class rules require a measurement verification process for ranking events, and a Nationals has a few more stations with a wet tank verification by class rule.

Ken Weeks and John Kelsey of Fiesta RC Yachts brought their versatile and amazing laser guided float tank from San Antonio that they use for his 10Rs. This great tool adjusts to measure IOMs too. Their custom enclosed boat trailer brought this and their many 10Rs, Marbleheads, and IOMs for display too.

The hotel generously provided the large meeting room, and the fleet took over the extended lobby for last minute work on our boats – and socializing. Measurement was very well staffed and managed with everybody receiving a card with their appointment time as part of the efficiency. Baron Bremer was Sergeant at Arms blocking the measurement room door if it wasn’t your time. We know not to mess with Baron. Forty boats measured in at the 7 stations in about five hours, and Stan Wallace measured in Friday morning because the airline left his sailbox in Atlanta. Fortunately, it arrived in the dark of night and everybody was ready to race Friday morning on time.

Upwind the first two days we were fast on port (with waves almost parallel to our course) and slow on starboard (pounding+ directly into them). Nail biting finishes were mostly parallel and close to the dock such as in this image. Alyssa Heyns Photo-

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Lake Ray Hubbard is no exception – it is big like Chuck LeMahieu’s personality. The venue provided big wind for all three days. Friday and Saturday, we sailed mostly 2-rig in waves from the long 4.5-mile fetch for winds from the S to SE direction. Usually the waves were large enough to allow surfing. At the end of day-2 the waves grew to heroic scale and got the dock rocking a bit too. Your senses come alive with the crashing waves, the boats leaping to windward off waves, the noise, and the rocking dock. I haven’t enjoyed an experience like that since IOMs sailed in the Dallas Blowout on nearby White Rock Lake, so thank you again Texas!

Aussies and Honorary Aussies at closing ceremonies in their green shirts (from L): Rosco and Audree Bennett, Tim Brown, Sean Wallis, Fred Rocha, Gary Boell, Elaine Brown, Steve Landeau, and Glenn Dawson. (Glenn lost his shirt to an apparently shy George Pedrick.)

Sunday the wind direction switched to the North and the wind and waves calmed to the point a few races were in 1-rig and underpowered a little in 2-rig. Overall this was an excellent test of your sailing and big fleet management skill, where speed alone is not an answer because most everybody is fast.

Another weather mark cluster, which is what happens if you are trying to cut it too close in steep waves. Alyssa Heyns Photo

There were many very good sailors in the fleet, but one stands out. Zvonko Jelacic sailing his newish Kantun 2 had no problem defending his USA Championship from last year, and it was great to socialize with him again and to check out his latest design. 17 points in 17 races describes his dominance in numbers, where his worst finish was 2nd (six times).

The A-fleet racing was often great theatre from the elevated on-shore lawn or the restaurant deck. For example, on the last beat in race 7, Rosco Bennett began with a small lead over Zvonko at the leeward gate, and Mark Golison had a chance in third. The end of the beat finishes with a long mostly port tack parallel to the dock with a few short hitches out required. Rosco stretched his lead midway by going farther out and Golison caught a puff to where he was on starboard and crossing Zvonko. Golison tacked to a close cover, but was a little slow accelerating in the lumpy water. Zvonko dipped to leeward and with momentum soon he could pinch up to cover from the front. This left Mark with no options in bad air. It became a drag race to the finish with Rosco just in the lead closely by Zvonko a little to weather and pinching. Rosco needed a short starboard tack to finish, and it looked like he could pass in front, but he was also a little slow accelerating in the waves and Zvonko crossed on port with the finish line close by. There were many close ones like that.

Downwind in waves after the off-set mark. We enjoyed prime radio sailing surfing conditions often. Alyssa Heyns Photo

The wind and waves caused boat carnage. The most egregious was when George Pedrick’s sweet blue V10 sank just off the dock near the finish line, and hasn’t been recovered as I write this. Speculation is a hard collision at the leeward gate caused a hull crack or loosened a deck patch. A diver spent an hour looking the next morning. George purchased fishing gear and a grapple hook and cast into the night and the following day to no avail. The only humor in this was fisherman from nearby Bass Pro kept coming to the dock to offer casting advice, thinking he was a really dumb fisherman. Also, a couple of homemade IOMS had their RMG winches break their mounting systems, testament to the power of this fine winch and the challenging condition.

More IOM lessons learned – again.

I can’t say enough good things about the organizing and race management group. Gary Boell had this cockamamie idea to host IOMs at this special venue while living 1,700 miles away. Despite the challenging logistics, Gary and the many volunteers pulled it off. This was first class all the way and their efforts showed.

Bobby Flack’s Britpop (front) surfing a wave while Chris Macaluso’s BP is working to catch one again. Alyssa Heyns Photo

Fred Rocha came from San Diego to manage the racing, and Barry Fox came from Victoria in BC for measurement and scorekeeping. Special recognition to San Antonio locals John Kelsey and Ken Weeks from San Antonio (the Fiesta RC Yachts boys) who worked the whole regatta.

The excellent staging and elevated viewing area helps make this a very special venue. The restaurant provided great lunches, our restroom, shade, and it was only a short walk from our hotel. The Texas flag showed wind direction and suggested the strength. We had a lively and tasty Saturday night dinner at Texas Land and Cattle too. Alyssa Heyns Photo

Regatta Summary:

Host Club: North Bay Radio Controlled Sailing Club (AMYA #38); San Francisco, CA

Venue: Lake Ray Hubbard at Bass Pro docks; Garland, TX

Entries: 41

Winds: mostly mid-upper 2-rig (some 1-rig & bottom 2-rig)

Races Completed: 17 (three heats per race).

Scoring System: 2016 HMS

Regatta Committee & Valuable Assistants:

Organizer & Registration – Jim Wondolleck; PRO – Gary Boell.

Race Director – Fred Rocha; Scorekeeper – Barry Fox; Race Officers – Audree Bennett, Elaine Brown, and John Kelsey.

Measurement Verification – Boell, Fox, Elaine and Tim Brown, Audree Bennett, John Kelsey, Ken Weeks, and Jenn Golison.

Buoy and Rescue Boat – Ken Weeks

Food – Texas Land and Cattle Steak House

Lodging – Holiday Inn Express Garland with Sponsorship by Kerri McMasters

Skipper Gifts by Pirates Lair – Jenn Golison

Trophies – Gary Hartsock Awards

Special Awards:

Corinthian Sailor Award – Ken Weeks

Master Champion – Mark Golison (Ouch, Jenn is married to an old man!)

Photos Links:

Alyssa Hynes: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Dallas%20IOM%20nationals%202017?select=DSC_0025.jpg

Jerry Brower: http://www.ibextrax.com/RC2017/1020USN/



International One Meter District Six Champs

June 23 – 25, 2017      Foster City, CA

Twenty five IOM sailors from California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Idaho gathered in Foster City, CA to compete in the IOM District Six Championships.  This Foster City venue recently hosted the IOM World Championships in 2015.

Mark Golison’s IOM USA 55

25 Races were completed over three days where SoCal’s Mark Golison dominated the event wire to wire with a performance that could not be matched or challenged.  NorCal’s Gary Boell sailed a strong event placing second with NorCal’s Chris Sullivan also sailing very well placing third.

Final Results

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The next event on the IOM USA Calendar is the Hood River Carnage Regatta in Oregon on July 22-23, 2017.



2016 IOM Midwinters

Mission Bay Model Yacht Pond

February 20 – 21, 2016

Your SCSN Editor was invited by Long Beach’s Mark Golison to enter and compete with his back up V8 IOM in this years IOM Midwinters hosted by the San Diego Argonauts Club in Mission Bay, CA.  I had a fantastic weekend sailing and trying (See the results – 24th) to race these exquisite model yachts.  I also met a fine group of competitors who welcomed me and the other two rookies into their fraternity.  Thanks all, and thank you Mark for the hospitality!

Photo/Video Gallery


2016 IOM MW Results
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Long Beach's Mark Golison (L) accepting his second place award from PRO Mark Rocha.
Long Beach’s Mark Golison (L) accepting his second place award from PRO Fred Rocha.

American Model Yacht Association