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2018 Laser Midwinters West

Laser Midwinters West & SCYYRA Ullman/Frost
Santa Barbara Yacht Club | March 23-25, 2018


Tom Walker Photo Gallery

Cover Photo: ABYC’s Kevin Taugher – Tom Walker Photography




2018 Gaucho Regatta Results

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By Hugh Richards

El Dorado Park, Long Beach, CA

The Helmsmen MYC points races were held on Sunday, May 7th, for the Santa Barbara, Soling One Meter, and US1M classes race and on Sunday, the 21st, for the Newport 12 Meter, Soling 50, and Micro Magic classes. The morning of the 7th started out partly cloudy and cool. Initially, the breeze was stiff, with many shifts and gusts. Gradually, the shifts diminished, but dead spots began to appear. Late in the morning, heavy clouds moved in for a time, but in the afternoon, the sun broke though, as the wind became more steady and speeds increased,

Santa Barbara Class

All three classes sailed the normal course, with three heats in the morning and two following the midday break. Five Santa Barbaras raced this month. Larry Grant eased his way to first place overall, winning four heats in the process. Kevin Gault won one heat, and finish second for the day. Eric Conn was a steady third, while Bill Honeycutt and Hugh Richards battled it out for fourth and fifth, with Bill prevailing.

The meet brought out a half dozen Soling 1 Meters. Gary Berkheiser and Eric Conn each won a pair of heats, but Gary bested Eric by two points for the top spot for the day. Ross Williams had a poor first heat, but then picked up his game and finished in third place overall. Dan Ramiriz was fourth and rookie Dave Daly was fifth.

A nice sized fleet of seven US 1 Meters was on hand. Larry Grant and Paul Desatoff each took two heat wins, but Paul was a couple of points behind meet winner Larry at day’s end. Kevin Gault was steady throughout the day, finishing in third place overall. Roy Cundiff won the third heat, but could rise no higher than fourth for the meet, and Eric Conn rounded out the top five.

US 1 Meters

Two weeks later on the 21st, warm, clear, sunny skies greeted the skippers as the meet began. The initial wind was light to moderate, with a few shifts. As the day wore on, the winds increased, with the shifts doing likewise.

Around midday, in time for the Micro Magic heats, the conditions provided stiffer breezes with many shifts, but in the afternoon, better, more even, winds prevailed. The Newport 12 Meter and Soling 50 classes sailed the normal course, while the Micro Magics elected to use a windward-leeward course defined by the single orange mark to the south and one of the orange gate marks to the north. There were close finishes in all classes.

The Newport 12 Meters and the Soling 50s sailed three heats in the morning and two after the midday break, while the Micro Magics ran all five heats in a row, as it was feared that the increasing winds would be a problem if they sailed last in the afternoon. Kevin Gault and Peter Allman-Ward fought fiercely for the top spot in the five-boat Newport 12 Meter fleet for the day. Kevin had two heat wins compared to Peter’s single victory, giving him a one-point margin in the final scoring. Gary Berkheiser and Eric Conn each won a heat, but Eric’s DNF and DNS in the last two heats assured Gary of third place for the day. Hugh Richards finished well back in fifth.

When the five Soling 50s raced next, Eric fared better, winning three heats and finishing on top for the meet. Bill Honeycutt kept it close, winning the remaining two heats and trailing Eric at the conclusion of the day by a single point. Dan Ramiriz was steady, finishing in third place. Dave Daly was fourth, and Mike Olson, returning after several months absence, was fifth.

The Micro Magic boat count was up this month, with seven boats showing up at the park. However, Eric Conn’s craft had issues, and was not able to start in competition. Steve Washburn started and ended the heats with wins, taking the top spot for the day. Kevin Gault also won two heats, but finished in second, one point behind Steve. Larry Lane was third, with Peter Allman-Ward in fourth, a couple of points back. Gary Berkheiser won the second heat, but a poor finishing the first heat left him trailing Peter by a point in the final tally.

Your SCSN Editor’s Micro Magic USA 292

In an interesting side note, earlier this week, when skippers arrived for practice on Wednesday, one of the start line markers was discovered floating on its side. The next day, a repair team arrived to fix the problem, and it was found to be caused by a turtle which had become tangled in fishing line, and had managed to get wrapped around the bottom of the marker and tangled in the counterweight line preventing it from keeping the mark upright. Unfortunately, there was not a happy outcome for the turtle. The next Helmsmen points races for the Santa Barbara, Soling One Meter, and US 1 Meter classes will be held on Sunday, June 4th, and for the Newport 12 Meter, Soling 50, and Micro Magic classes on Sunday, June 18th. The Skippers’ Meetings will start at 10 AM, and the first heats will launch immediately following the close of the meetings.


February 2017 Report, El Dorado Park Long Beach

Commodore Hugh Richards of the HMYCLB  sends out a monthly newsletter reporting on the model boat racing he organizes, participates in and oversees.   I attended for the first time this past weekend with my new to me Micro Magic which I built over the Christmas holidays.  Even though the weather and conditions were not the best, I had a great day!

Hugh’s latest report here:

The Helmsmen MYC points races were held on Sunday, February 5th for the Santa Barbara, Soling One Meter, and US1M classes and on Sunday, the 26th, delayed for one week as the park was closed on the 19th (due to dangerous tree conditions following the large storm in the days preceding), for the Newport 12 Meter, Soling 50, and Micro Magic classes.

Conrad Banks’ Newport 12 Meter Competing Last Weekend

The 5th was a dreary day, chilly, with heavy overcast skies. The skippers arrived at the pond to find that nearly all of the parking along Snake Road was taken by campers at a large overnight event. A few skippers managed to park on the road, but most ended up on the grass. The grounds were mushy from the latest rain storm. The wind conditions were mostly dismal, too, with very light air throughout the meet, and large dead areas for each of the heats. Infrequent puffs would propel a lucky skipper ahead of the rest of the fleet, only to end up in a hole. The majority of the heats became quite strung out by the time they were on one of the long legs. By about 1:15 PM, after sailing three heats for each class, the poor conditions and the impending Super Bowl kickoff were all it took for the skippers to decide to abandon the day.

In the Santa Barbaras, Kevin Gault won two heats and topped Bill Honeycutt, with one win, for first place for the day. Larry Grant took third place over Rich Frauenzimmer via a tiebreaker, and Hugh Richards lagged behind in fifth.

Dennis Sharp took the first two heats in the Soling 1 Meters and the top spot for the day. Ross Williams won the last heat, and was second overall. Gary Berkheiser and Rich Frauenzimmer ended up in a true tie for third, with Dan Ramiriz, suffering from radio problems, in fifth place.

The US 1 Meters seemed to have the best wind conditions of the day, although they were still poor. Paul Desatoff had one heat win, edging out Rich Frauenzimmer, also a heat winner, for first place for the meet. Larry Grant took third place, while Kevin Gault, winning the first heat and then struggling and finishing last in the final pair, edged out Mike Schachter for fourth in a tiebreaker.

Dismal weather conditions again awaited the skippers’ arrival on the 26th. Another large weekend camping event caused some parking difficulties again, but not as serious as during the previous race day. Heavy overcast prevailed for most of the day, with only a couple of times when a little blue sky appeared for a few minutes. It was chilly throughout the day, occasional sprinkles and light showers popped up, and the skippers sailed one Soling 50 heat in light rain, having already begun when the rain started.

The wind conditions were even worse than for the meet two weeks prior, with lots of dead spots and generally very light air. The larger boats sailed the normal course, while the Micro Magics sailed the first two heats using a short course and then reverted to their normal route.

Only two Newport 12 Meters showed up, and they sailed first. The wind was initially fairly good, and they sailed all five heats in a row, with Kevin Gault taking four heats, and the top spot for the day. Conrad Banks won the other heat.

The wind conditions began to falter for the Soling 50 races. Rich Frauenzimmer dominated the five-boat field, winning three heats and first place overall. Bill Honeycutt was second for the day, winning one heat race. Hugh Richards was third, with Dan Ramiriz finishing fourth. Conrad Banks started out well, but suffered a winch failure and was out for the day, unable to start the third heat. With the weather conditions continuing to deteriorate, the Soling skippers decided to throw in the towel, and call it a day after the fourth heat.

However, the hardy group of Micro Magic skippers decided to soldier on in order for newcomer Steve Washburn to get in some stick time, an he responded by winning the first heat. Rich Frauenzimmer won three heats, and finished as top skipper for the day, with Steve taking second overall. Kevin Gault won a heat, and grabbed third place for the meet, with Hugh Richards ending up in fourth.

The next Helmsmen points races for the Santa Barbara, Soling One Meter, and US 1 Meter classes will be held on Sunday, March 5th, and for the Newport 12 Meter, Soling 50, and Micro Magic classes on Sunday, March 19th . The Skippers’ Meetings will start at 10 AM, and the first heats will launch immediately following the close of the meetings.

FULL REPORT with Photos and Results HERE

SoCal Teams Excel at the 29er Nationals in Newport, RI

Team SoCal 29er sailors placed 1st, 5th and 7th in the national championships just completed in Newport, RI.

Champions Ryan Ratliffe and Samuel Merson hail from San Diego. Peter and Jack Joslin are from San Diego as well.  David Eastwood and Wells Drayton are from Santa Barbara.


Final Standings (Top 10 of 35; 10 races, 1 discard)
1. Ryan Ratliffe/Samuel Merson, USA, 5-2-[36/OCS]-4-5-5-2-1-1-3- ; 28
2. Christopher Williford/Catherine Mollerus, USA, 1-1-[36/OCS]-1-12-1-1-6-6-2- ; 31
3. Neil Marcellini/Ian Brill, USA, 6-3-2-[8]-2-3-6-7-3-1- ; 33
4. Ryan Wood/Andrew Wood, CAN, 2-5-[36/OCS]-2-7-2-3-2-4-7- ; 34
5. Peter Joslin/Jack Joslin, USA, 3-8-4-5-3-4-4-[16]-2-9- ; 42
6. Greta Stewart/Kate Stewart, NZL, [27]-7-1-3-1-9-8-8-5-4- ; 46
7. David Eastwood/Wells Drayton, USA, 7-12-3-13-[19]-8-11-3-7-6- ; 70
8. Teddy Nicolosi/Ian Barrows, ISV, 14-6-12-[19]-9-12-7-4-8-8- ; 80
9. Hannah Steadman/Gabby Rizika, USA, 12-9-7-14-4-[18]-9-9-16-5- ; 85
10. Galen Richardson/Louis Riel-Brockie, CAN, 11-10-11-11-6-[19]-5-10-13-15- ; 92




2016 Skiff Festival – 29er Hamlin Series #4

May 14-15, 2016

The 2016 Santa Barbara Skiff Festival will be host to 49er’s, 29er’s, I-14’s, 505’s, Weta’s, Kite boards, Viper 640’s and any other fleets that can field a fleet of at least four boats this coming weekend. It is the fourth part of the SCYYRA Howard Hamlin 29er Series. Please select the link below for information regarding the event.

If you have further questions, please contact the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Race Office: racing@sbyc.org or (805) 965-8112 Ext. 14.

Regatta Chair: Geoff Fargo
Principal Race Officer: Brad Schaupeter (805) 965-8112 ext. 14 / racing@sbyc.org

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Shipbuilding in Sycamore Canyon

Ken and Loretta Minor Spend Quarter-Century Crafting 29-Foot Sailboat

From the Santa Barbara Independent
Monday, March 28, 2016
SEAWORTHY: Ken and Loretta Minor stand aboard Morning Song, which they spent the last 25 years building.
SEAWORTHY: Ken and Loretta Minor stand aboard Morning Song, which they spent the last 25 years building.

Ken and Loretta Minor, longtime residents of Sycamore Canyon, have built a magnificent little ship. At 29 feet, their Lyle Hess–designed Bristol Channel Cutter is actually just a boat, not a ship, but Morning Song’s stout keel, hardwood timbers, bronze propeller, and broad transom overhead make it a substantial vessel. The main cabin, roughly nine feet wide by 12 feet long by six feet tall, is a small space to be sure, but the graceful bend of the cabin top overhead makes a snug room in the world — a place apart from wind and weather, and once at sea, a place apart from the rush and complication of shoreside life.

But how does a couple well into their seventies (he’s 77) with grown daughters and five grandchildren find themselves easing down hatches and fitting out to sail when their contemporaries might be content just gazing at the ocean? That’s where 25 years comes in, gone by in a wink, but 25 years of steady, concentrated work — a meditation begun for Minor at age 50, when he laid the keel with his first shipment of lumber from Port Townsend, Washington. Built in a shed adjacent to their home, Morning Song looks fresh and newly made today, having been sheltered from the elements throughout her construction. The Tea Fire of 2008 nearly took the boat, but Santa Barbara’s finest made a line and held it, saving the Minors’ vessel and home from the flames.

Ken and Loretta Minor enjoying time in the Santa Barbara Harbor on the Morning Song, a boat Ken built by hand, for 25 years, at his Sycamore Canyon home. (March 25, 2016)

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PCCSC Women’s Championships

April 16-17, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA


Ten Collegiate Women’s Sailing Teams traveled to Santa Barbara to compete in the PCCSC Women’s Championships held over this weekend.

CSULB Team Member Julia Jaynes checked in with the following report:  It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Santa Barbara for the Women’s Pacific Coast Championship hosted by UCSB. Saturday the wind built from medium to heavy breeze by the end of the day. There was very strong current and lots of chop and waves which made for some great downwind surfing. The competition overall was very close with the fleet tight together and the courses very short. It was very easy to go from 2nd to 8th or vice versa with just one or tacks. Saturday was a very long day with both fleets getting in 10 races.

Sunday was also beautiful however it was extremely light winds, no more than 4 knots that was not consistent and was very shifty. Due to the light winds the A division was postponed on the water for 2 hours as the race committee waited for wind. They were eventually put in an land postponement and at 2 pm the event was called due to lack of wind. Unfortunately no races ended up being sailed on Sunday. All in all it was a good event with the girls of PCCSC showing off their sailing skills.


Team CSULB L to R: Courtney Pacheco, Anna Rubino, Brooke Scholl, Julia Jaynes, Sunny Scarbrough