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2018 Lightning North Americans

Mission Bay Yacht Club – July 23-28, 2018



Category Rank Competitor
ILCA North American Champion 1st Lightning – USA – 15507 Charles Proctor & Charlie Proctor, Meredith Killion
Corinthian 65 and Over 1st Lightning – USA – Lightning 11346 Christopher Hamblet & Andrea Fisher, Laura Johnson – 16
Corinthian 75 and Over 1st Lightning – USA – 14866 Bill Mauk & Alberto Gonzales, Jr., Rafael Melendez
Couple 1st Lightning – USA – 15390 Todd Wake & Kristine Wake, Douglas Wake
Swanson Trophy 1st Lightning – USA – 15390 Todd Wake & Kristine Wake, Douglas Wake

Thistle Midwinters West 2018 Results

Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego, CA

February 2-4, 2018




Cat Fight One is in the Bag! – Updated Post

March 25-26, 2017    Mission Bay Yacht Club


Event Recap:

By Bryan Paine March 30, 2017

On the weekend of March 25, 2017, a stacked fleet of sixteen F18’s, a Nacra 20, Carbon 20, and two A Cats raced in the Great Pacific off of Mission Beach, San Diego. The race committee did an excellent job, managing to pull off a trapezoid on Saturday followed by a windward leeward course on Sunday with several races having boats finish just seconds apart.  Most of the teams are campaigning for this year’s highly anticipated America’s in Long Beach, September 5th-9th. Word on the street is that we could see over 100 F18’s at ABYC in September and even more are forecasted to face off Sarasota, FL next October for Worlds.

Tricky conditions on Saturday had teams searching for pressure and juggling different modes with waves bigger than the shifty westerly.  The occasional kelp patches spiced things up, especially when teams had to sail directly into them just seconds after the start. The typical San Diego game plan is to play the right, but the left seemed to trump most of the weekend with the combination of ebbing current and better pressure.

On Sunday, Mother Nature provided the fleet with a 5-10 knot westerly with 3-4 foot rollers.  The left side of the course was a safe bet both upwind and downwind all day.  Teams were surfing down the waves so fast that they would run out of their apparent wind. Travis Vetter managed to convince a good number of sailors to carry their phones so that they could compare tracking notes via Race Q’s after the race.

Rolex Yachtsman of the year, Bill Hardesty, and his Etchells World Champion wife, Mandi Hardesty, had an extra gear over the rest of the fleet all weekend, squeaking out last year’s winners Steve Stroebel and Matt Morris by four points.

The future of the fleet looks bright, competitive and inclusive as we have lots of new young talent, an America’s Cup designer and America’s Cup skipper looking to get into the fleet in the near future. Lots of exciting events to looks forward to and great competition to be had.


2016 US Sailing Junior Championships


The 2016 Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championships, hosted by Mission Bay Yacht Club, came to an exciting conclusion on the third and final day of the regatta. Three new champions were crowned under atypical conditions for Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean racing areas off the coast of San Diego.

Final Standings

Photo Gallery

U.S. Junior Singlehanded Championship (Laser Radial) – Smythe Trophy

Joseph Hou (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Harbor Yacht Club) held on to his 11 point lead from Sunday by posting scores of 1 and 3 to win by 17 points. Charlotte Rose (Houston, Texas/Houston Yacht Club) jumped into second place after a great day on the water with scores of 3 and 2. Hou won six of 10 races this week.

“Conditions were windier today that the first two days, probably 10 to 12 knots with choppy seas, but in the Laser today we were all fully powered up,” said Hou.

Top 5
1. Joseph Hou, Newport Harbor YC, 1-2-[4]-1-4-1-1-1-1-3- ; 15
2. Charlotte Rose, Houston Yacht Club, 2-8-2-[11]-1-4-2-7-3-2- ; 31
3. Skylar Bayman, Houston Yacht Club, 3-1-5-2-2-6-3-8-2-[10]- ; 32
4. Lucas Pierce, Santa Barbara Yacht Club, [10]-7-1-5-5-2-5-5-8-7- ; 45
5. Caleb Robinson, SailMaine, 4-10-7-4-13-[21/DSQ]-7-4-7-5- ; 61

U.S. Junior Doublehanded Champinship (Club 420) – Bemis Trophy

The teams of Nicholas Marwell (San Francisco, Calif./San Francisco Yacht Club) and J. Noble Reynoso (Mill Valley, Calif./San Francisco Yacht Club) and Ian Moran (Rocky River, Ohio/Edgewater Yacht Club) and Abie Griggs (Chagrin Falls, Ohio/Edgewater Yacht Club) each had 20 points at the top of the leaderboard entering today’s crucial races. Marwell and Reynoso won Race 9 to Moran and Griggs’ seventh place finish. Moran and Griggs won Race 10, but Marwell and Reynoso kept close with a third to win the championship by four points.

“Winning this meant a lot for me because the qualifier for this event was the first time I raced a 420,” said Reynoso. “It’s rare you get an event, like this, where everyone can play on a level playing field.”

“We hadn’t sailed together much before this event,” mentioned Marwell. “We’ve both been sailing parallel to each other with different people. Years ago we sail sailed together and thought maybe this could be someday, but at the time we needed to train our separate ways. This is our four years coming full circle.”

Top 5
1. Nicholas Marwell/J. Noble Reynoso, San Francisco Yacht Club, 2-4-5-[16]-1-4-3-1-1-3- ; 24
2. Ian Moran/Abercrombie “Abie” Griggs, Edgewater Yacht Club, 1-1-1-[8]-5-7-1-4-7-1- ; 28
3. Cole Harris/Tanner Chapko, San Diego Yacht Club, 5-6-2-9-2-2-[21/DSQ]-2-8-5- ; 41
4. Connor Bayless/Kimmie Leonard, Annapolis Yacht Club, 7-11-6-3-[21/OCS]-6-2-7-2-7- ; 51
5. Jack Reiter/Dot Obel, San Diego Yacht Club, 4-9-7-1-4-1-4-[21/OCS]-12-10- ; 52T

U.S. Junior Triplehanded Championship (Lightnings) – Sears Cup

Porter Kavle (Annapolis, Mary./Annapolis Yacht Club), Jake Vickers (Annapolis, Mary./Annapolis Yacht Club) and Will Comerford (Annapolis, Mary./Annapolis Yacht Club) continued their hot streak on Monday by winning both races. On Sunday, they jumped from fourth to first by winning three of five races. Tanner Probst (Orchard Park, N.Y./Buffalo Canoe Club), Maya Weber (Amherst, N.Y./Buffalo Canoe Club) and Jenna Probst (Orchard Park, N.Y./Buffalo Canoe Club) placed second overall and eight points back.

Top 5
1. Porter Kavle/Jake Vickers/Will Comerford, Annapolis Yacht Club, 2-3-6-5-1-[7]-1-1-4-1-1- ; 25
2. Tanner Probst/Maya Weber/Jenna Probst, Buffalo Canoe Club, 1-2-2-3-4-2-[7]-4-7-3-5- ; 33
3. Dane Byerly/Carson Shields/Laura Masterson, Lakewood Yacht Club, 4-5-5-1-[12/OCS]-1-3-6-3-4-2- ; 34
4. Cameron Feves/Soenke Jordan/Sean Tallman, Cabrillo Beach YC, 3/RDG-1-1-[8]-5-6-5-4/RDG-1-7-6- ; 39
5. Grant Gridley/Claire Siegel-Wilson/Conor Chapman, Willamette Sailing Club/ CGRA, 9-4-4-6/RDG-[10]-3-2-2-2-6-3- ; 41

Final Standings

The top two Youth Champs eligible single- and doublehanded teams will receive early acceptance to the 2017 U.S. Youth Championships in a boat of their choice.

Sailors took part in onshore and on-water clinics on Friday to hone their skills and acclimate themselves to the racing conditions and the boats. The following coaches have been on site working with the sailors throughout the championship:

  • Richard Feeny – US Sailing Junior National Coach
  • Jon Rogers – Head Coach, Coronado Yacht Club
  • Kevin Burnham – 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Brett Davis – Five-time US Sailing Team Member
  • Sarah Lihan – 2012 Olympian

Event Coverage & Social Media

  • For social media coverage, results and standings, photo gallery, video highlights (Tuesday, August 16), and more information from the 2016 Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championships, please visit the event website.
  • For breaking news and race results, follow Twitter hashtag – #ChubbChamps16 – and participate in the conversation throughout the championship on all social media platforms.
  • Photo Gallery

Sportsmanship and Seamanship Awards

  • Singlehanded – Faye Bennet Sportsmanship Award – Lucas Pierce
  • Doublehanded – Bemis Sportsmanship Award – Noble Reynoso
  • Triplehanded – Cox Sportsmanship Award – Grant Gridley
  • The Seamanship Trophy to the triplehanded Team that receives the greatest number of points for neatness and general ship-shape condition of their boats – Porter Kavle, Jake Vickers, Will Comerford


2016 Jessica Uniack Beach to Bay Race


This very popular annual event draws well over 150 junior sailors to race in various classes on a course that starts near the Queen Mary and finishes a few miles later off of the Long Beach Yacht Club.

Team Leeway
Team Leeway