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Godspeed Jim Lincoln – The Chubasco team and crew are saddened by the passing of Boat Manager Jim Lincoln.

He passed away in his sleep on July 24th, 4 days after finishing the 2019 TransPac race. He was a fixture in the Long Beach sailing community, a member of Alamitos Bay Yacht Club and will be truly missed.

Cover Photo: Steve Jost Photography

Godspeed Lowell North

Godspeed Paul Bishop

Paul passed away this past weekend. He was a kind, decent man that was a virtual encyclopedia of sailing and yacht racing. He and I talked and communicated regularly over the last several years. He had many great suggestions for this website and supplied content many times.


Below is from the Doug Peterson Facebook Tribute Page that Paul managed:

It is with deep sadness to write this – and I’ve been holding off hoping that if I don’t, it won’t be true. However, this weekend Paul Bishop passed away. Despite knowing him since I was a baby, it wasn’t until the last few years that we became very close. He has been a huge help in organizing my father’s work and making sense of it. I honestly could not have done any of this without him, his support and his friendship. He will be missed.

Paul’s Peterson 28

Paul was also the brain behind this Facebook page. The future of this page at this moment is unknown. We are still in shock and processing but please let me know if you have any ideas or advice.

Thank you for all your support.

-Laura, Jamie, Julia and Mark Peterson

Under sail

The Hobie Cat, a sailboat for the masses, is turning 50 with a celebration at Doheny State Beach

From the:

Orange County Register

Prior to the Hobie Cat, invented by well-known surfboard maker Hobie Alter, sailing was for the elite.  It was a sport reserved for members of yacht clubs who had the mega bucks it took to buy a big boat.

But Alter’s design — the Hobie Cat 14, a small catamaran sailboat that became known as “the people’s boat” — changed the world of sailing when it was unveiled 50 years ago.

“It was a very revolutionary idea, hugely successful,” said Paul Holmes, who wrote the book “Hobie: Master of Water, Wind and Waves.”  “(Sailing) was a rich guy’s thing. The Hobie Cat changed everything.”

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Leeway Sailing Center – 1972 Membership Manual

Click on to view the entire 1972 Membership Manual – Annual Dues $2.50!

Current Leeway Website



Socal’s Vince Brun Inducted into the Class of 2018 National Sailing Hall of Fame

2018 Inductee Vince Brun: Click on image for bio.

NSHOF Class of 2018 Inductees


SoCal Sailing History: Dennis Choate Introduces his new 44

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A Look Back at SoCal’s Doug Peterson

@DougPetersonTribute Facebook Page

SoCal Sailing History: Doug Peterson

This is the Official Facebook Page Administered by Doug’s Family

Sadly, much of the documentation from Doug’s office was lost after he became ill. Friends tried to help by putting the files into storage, where they eventually went missing.

They are attempting to reconstruct as many of the files as possible, for inclusion in a donation to a major Nautical Museum.

So PLEASE, post whatever photos of Doug’s boats that you might have, any rating certificates, correspondence, brochures, and other documents you may have on their Facebook Page.

Most of all, PLEASE post stories and anecdotes you might have about time spent with Doug.

If you are not a Facebooker, send to me at and I will forward.  Thanks!

Apogee – Milt and Marty Vogel’s SoCal Doug Peterson rocket ship.

Kialoa II Returns to Australia – Sydney to Hobart Race

From Yachts and

By Bow Caddy Media 1 Jan 05:33 GMT1 January 2018

In 1971 Jim Kilroy’s Kialoa II – the second in a string of successful racing yachts bearing that name – came to Australia to compete in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Some 46 years later the restored Kialoa II has returned to the race under the ownership of Paddy and Keith Broughton and – despite breaking her boom barely halfway to Hobart – completed the 630 nautical mile course six hours faster than her Line Honours winning time in 1971.

Kialoa II © Stefano Gattini / Studio Borlenghi / Rolex

Invoking the spirit of her 1970s run to Hobart all of her male crew members sported retro moustaches of that era – also raising money for the Movember charity – and all of the crew wore terry towelling hats.

We spoke to Paddy Broughton just after Kialoa II docked in Hobart to find out how they fared once they had lost the use of the boom and whether they would be back again.

Cover Photo Credit: Kialoa heads south © Crosbie Lorimer