SoCal’s Drew Friedes Nominated for 2017 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year

Finalists Selected for US Sailing’s 2017 Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman of the Year Awards


BRISTOL, R.I. (December 21, 2017) – US Sailing announced the six men and eight women who have been shortlisted for the 2017 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards.

The nominees and their complete 2017 sailing resumes will be reviewed by a panel of noted sailing journalists who discuss the merits of each sailor’s racing results before voting to determine US Sailing’s 2017 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year. The winners will be announced in January and honored on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, during a luncheon at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan, when they will be presented with specially-engraved Rolex timepieces.

The all-star line-up of standout sailors hails from various disciplines from around the country and represents different stages in their respective careers. Many of these sailors were selected based on their consistent exceptional performances throughout the 2017 season and some were chosen for their signature win(s) at major international events.

Editor’s Note: Drew Freides won both the Melges 20 World Championship and National Championship.

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2017 International Bedanne’s Cup Race Results

SoCal Skipper Allie Blecher and Team finish 4th


 December 12-16, 1017 – Lake Bedanne, France


2017 LBYC Christmas Fun Run



2017 CBYC Holiday Opti Regatta – Carrie Series #3

Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club | December 02-03, 2017

Opti Championship (top)
Series Standing – 9 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Sunday, December 03, 2017 6:20:04 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Division: Blue (29 boats) Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 13043, Jordan Janov[Blue], CYC, 6-1-5-1-10-5-7-3-[16]- ; 38
2. 15561, Carter Cox[Blue], VYC, 3-6-21-16-5-4-5-7-[25]- ; 67
3. 16712, Ben Foox[Blue], sfyc, 7-15-9-5-7-3-[16]-15-14- ; 75
4. 19492, Nicholas Mueller[Blue], ABYC/CBYC, [19]-5-18-15-2-8-11-8-15- ; 82
5. 22016, Emily Doble[Blue], California Yacht Club, 15-12-[17]-14-15-1-9-13-7- ; 86
6. 19860, Tate Christopher[Blue], ABYC, 11-20-20-17-4-[39]-18-5-1- ; 96
7. 18101, Zoey Ziskind[Blue], SBYC, 14-7-10-13-12-10-19-12-[21]- ; 97
8. 20808, Dylan Wondolleck[Blue], Encinal Yacht Club, 16-11-6-11-25-[29]-2-22-10- ; 103
9. 20304, Callie Davis[Blue], CYC, 17-19-12-12-11-13-3-17-[26]- ; 104
10. 21357, Sydney Brea[Blue], VYC, 22-17-1-20-21-[41]-24-19-13- ; 137
11. AUS8803, Aston Smith[Blue], SBYSF, 21-23-16-26-22-11-22-[42]-17- ; 158
12. 14308, Tessa Farrell[Blue], California Yacht Club, 13-27-24-27-8-[42]-28-21-12- ; 160
13. 16637, reddin kehrli[Blue], Cabrillo Bech Yacht Club, 24-25-22-24-27-21-30-11-[31]- ; 184
14. 1105, Mika Sternberg[Blue], Cyc, 27-24-26-30-20-[38]-20-23-35- ; 205
15. 14782, Tommy Kraak[Blue], CYC, 31-31-[33]-28-32-26-13-26-24- ; 211
16. 21827, Blake Behrens[Blue], Santa Barbara Yacht Club, 2-2-2-2-[51/DNS]-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS- ; 212T
17. 21006, Oliver Keeves[Blue], DRYC, 38-[51/DNS]-51/DNS-51/DNS-26-16-15-6-9- ; 212T
18. 13, Emily Rychlik[Blue], CBYC / WLYC, 32-32-29-29-19-23-23-[36]-29- ; 216T
19. 18953, Carsten zieger[Blue], CYC, [34]-22-27-23-34-33-27-28-22- ; 216T
20. 18496, Ulises Kuijken-Lewis[Blue], ABYC, 30-36-32-39-30-20-17-14-[51/DNF]- ; 218
21. 20372, Samantha Hemans[Blue], Balboa Yacht Club, 33-35-[38]-33-31-25-38-32-30- ; 257
22. 9, Owen Cuyler[Blue], CBYC, [40]-34-35-38-33-30-40-29-27- ; 266
23. 304, Oliver Ahern[Blue], cyc, 36-37-31-[42]-36-35-21-34-38- ; 268
24. 13, Stefan Dreer[Blue], CBYC, 35-33-47-[51/DNS]-40-27-41-27-39- ; 289
25. 17455, Ashley Kaller[Blue], Ventura Yacht Club, 42-40-34-34-46-[47]-39-44-34- ; 313
26. 19819, Kenny keidser[Blue], KHYC, [46]-45-42-37-41-40-42-35-32- ; 314
27. 22263, Ian Rines[Blue], ABYC, 39-38-37-41-[51/DNS]-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS- ; 359
28. 18025, Nicholas Sanchez[Blue], Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, 48-46-46-[51/DNF]-47-46-45-40-44- ; 362
29. TBD, Víctor Gabriel Domínguez[Blue], Ventura YC, [51/DNS]-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS-51/DNS- ; 408

Division: Red (9 boats) Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 21133, Katharine Doble[Red], California Yacht Club, 1-3-3-3-[13]-7-1-1-5- ; 24
2. 21144, Oliver Stokke[Red], Santa Barbara Yacht Club, 4-[16]-11-7-9-2-4-9-2- ; 48
3. 16630, Connor Bennett[Red], SFYC, 5-9-7-[10]-1-6-10-10-8- ; 56
4. 19483, Richard Rychlik Jr[Red], CBYC / WLYC, 10-8-4-4-3-24-8-16-[28]- ; 77
5. 17074, jack Forgea[Red], SBYSF, 12-14-19-6-18-[28]-12-2-3- ; 86T
6. 17152, Liam Andresen[Red], SBYC, 9-4-[41]-19-6-18-6-4-20- ; 86T
7. 14716, Jon Seawards[Red], SBYC, 18-13-8-9-24-22-[25]-18-11- ; 123
8. 21161, Tristan Feves[Red], Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, [26]-18-14-8-23-12-26-24-23- ; 148
9. CBYC7, Kayla Maguire[Red], CBYC, 37-42-39-36-[44]-37-34-38-33- ; 296

Division: White (12 boats) Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 22201, Talia Hamlin[White], CYC, 8-10-25-25-28-[32]-14-30-4- ; 144
2. 17123, Crue Ziskind[White], SBYC, 20-26-28-22-16-15-29-[33]-6- ; 162
3. 20363, Jack Pointner[White], VYC, 25-28-15-18-17-14-32-25-[43]- ; 174
4. 17137, Lucca Farrell[White], california Yacht Club, 23-29-13-[31]-29-17-31-20-18- ; 180
5. 20441, Matthew Commons[White], CYC, 28-21-23-21-[42]-31-33-31-19- ; 207
6. 22239, Mora Moro[White], SiVaYC, 29-30-40-35-45-9-[47]-46-40- ; 274
7. 16091, william stratton[White], dryc, 43-39-36-40-14-19-43-[45]-45- ; 279
8. 19622, Isaac Stone[White], BCYC/ABYC, [41]-41-30-32-39-36-35-41-37- ; 291
9. 17398, Cooper Keeves[White], DRYC, 44-44-44-[45]-37-45-36-39-42- ; 331
10. 14099, Stewart McCaleb[White], Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, [47]-43-45-44-35-34-46-43-46- ; 336
11. 15665, Ian Clayton[White], Ventura yacht club, 45-[47]-43-43-38-44-44-47-36- ; 340
12. 21045, Jackson Rushing[White], DRYC, 49-48-[51/DNF]-46-43-43-37-37-41- ; 344

Optimist Green (top)
Series Standing – 0 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Sunday, December 03, 2017 6:20:04 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Division: (27 boats) Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 

Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2017-2020.

– Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
– Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Information is provisional and subject to modification


SoCal’s Team Drew Friedes Wins 2017/18 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series Season Opener


MIAMI, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2017) – There are times when a venue doesn’t show its best. When it is cold, rainy, the wind won’t cooperate or other adverse weather conditions make for a tough weekend of sailing. There are also times when a venue shines and you feel lucky to experience it. For the first event of the 2017/18 Melges 20 Winter Series, Miami was about as near perfect as a sailor could want with breeze in the 10-13 kt range, smooth water and sunny, warm temps. Throw in a ultra deep fleet with eight awesome races and it was easy to see why Melges 20 sailors wore satisfied, sunbaked smiles at the awards ceremony.

After two days and six races, Drew Freides’ PACIFIC YANKEE led a deep fleet with several teams ready to pounce on the final day. The wind direction was similar the first two days, however the velocity was in the 6-8kt range and flat water; perfect ‘blue groomer’ conditions for the last two races. With a stronger northerly gradient fighting a building Northeast seabreeze, it was a toss up as to which side would pay in the first race.

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3 courses for 3 times the excitement at N2E 2018! 

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., November 29, 2017 – The Newport Ocean Sailing Association has acquired The Border Run Race. With the acquisition, the 71st annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race will offer three courses for sailors to race on April 27, 2018. The primary N2E course to Ensenada and the Border Run course to San Diego are unchanged.  The third course, offered to attract high school and collegiate participants sailing Beach Cats, CFJ’s, 420’s, Moths, 29ers and Lasers will run to Dana Point.

NOSA officials said the acquisition and addition will bring back racers who have not participated in recent years, provide an opportunity to expose the next generation of sailors to the fun and challenge of a large race, and potentially help grow the future of the sailboat racing.

Longtime friends and racing enthusiasts Daniel Hodge, NOSA’s commodore, and Border Run proprietor Randy Reynolds, began talking this summer in hopes of resolving a potential date conflict. With NOSA’s acquisition, both men believe they’ve helped resolve a larger issue; overall participation.

“The coming together of participants, all starting on the same day, provides an exceptional opportunity for racers to be a part of something big, not only being a part of the race’s history, but to experience the unparalleled excitement of starting a race with 500 other boats,” said Hodge.

NOSA’s board approved the motion at its November meeting.
“It’s really for the good of the sport; it’s all about how to get boats out on the water, to make it the biggest event on the West Coast – like it used to be,” said Reynolds. “Boating has changed a lot in the last 10 years, people are busier than ever. Some people will always want to go to Ensenada while others prefer the simplicity to stay in U.S. Waters.”

Hodge echoed the sentiment, “This is an excellent option for racers who want to sail N2E but are less confident when it comes to the logistics of sailing to Ensenada then returning home.”

Both men report that initial feedback has been great. “Randy and I are passionate sailors first,” said Hodge. “We were able to complete the acquisition because as sailors, we have a shared aspiration of creating energy that motivates others to get out on the water.”
Reynolds, who is primarily a boat designer, builder and sailor, has run the Border Run with his longtime partner Bob Long, for almost ten years. For many reasons, his race, like many others, has seen a decline in participation.

When the option came from NOSA to bring the two powerhouses together, it made sense, Reynolds said, “With the two races joining forces we have a better chance of bringing back the glory days of 400+ boats racing down the coast to the border.”
Although Reynolds will stay involved as an outside advisor, he is planning to be on the course this April.

It’s a happy ending for two races with an ostensibly wavy past. According to Reynolds, there was far less contention between organizations than the media depicted.
So, to answer a 2010 Sailing World article that questioned if these two races can coexist, the answer is yes.

From NOSA’s media archives: undated, unaccredited file photo. NOSA believes the acquisition of The Border Run Race will spike participation in its iconic Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race to a time when it was the largest sailing event on all the seven seas, as reported in the caption above the photo.