2015 Melges 20 Worlds – Day 1 Update

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Try, Try, and Try Again at the 2015 Audi Melges 20 World Championship

San Francisco, CA – The first day of the 2015 Audi Melges 20 World Championship hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club (SFYC) has come to an early close with no races due to no breeze. The day got off to a very slow start with a more than two-hour long onshore postponement under grey, overcast skies and wet conditions. Teams congregated inside SFYC, sipping coffee and drinks as they waited patiently for news as to whether or not they would get to race today.
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PRO Bruce Golison and his race management team studied the forecast diligently throughout the morning and well into the early afternoon. Golison eventually pulled the plug on what would have been the first day of racing at the 2015 World Championship.
For tomorrow, Golison is hopeful. “Based on the forecast, it looks like it will be a nice afternoon of sailing. We may postpone ashore initially, but we think that it could be a three race day, on the later afternoon side.”

2015 Melges 20 World Championships – San Francisco, CA

Several SoCal sailors are competing in this year’s Melges 20 Worlds on San Francisco Bay starting tomorrow September 30th.

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The anticipation surrounding the 2015 Audi Melges 20 World Championship hosted by The San Francisco Yacht Club (SFYC) will reach a boiling point when racing begins tomorrow (September 30) for the 40 teams on San Francisco Bay.

Over the course of the last few days, teams have been practicing and tuning non-stop. When the forecast has called for a light 18-22 knots, instead they have encountered some seriously fresh, bigger breeze – classic conditions that hopefully will stick around all week.

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Farr 40 World Championship Wrap Up – Groovederci Wins!

Groovederci wins ROLEX Farr 40 World Championship

Report from Scuttlebutt:

Long Beach, CA (September 27, 2015) – Tied entering the day with defending champion Alex Roepers’ Plenty team, John Demourkas’s Groovederci finished strong today to take the title over Roepers by one point. Demourkas, the second-oldest member of the class with 11 years of racing the one-design Farr 40s under his belt, has never before finished on the podium at the world championship.

Finishes of 7-4-3 on the first day put Demourkas in fourth overall in the 17-boat international fleet. Demourkas then won the first race on day two, and, with finishes of 5-3, moved up to second overall. Scores of 5-6-4 on the third day of racing kept Demourkas in position, now tied with Roepers to start the fourth and final day.

With two races on the schedule, the points were tight entering the final race. Roepers had the lead with 43 points, but followed closely by Wolfgang Schaefer’s Stuntje light on 44 and Demourkas on 47 points. But a second place by Demourkas, while the other teams stumbled, launched the Groovederci team up to grab the title.

Racing was held September 24-27, with up to three races on any day, and up to a maximum of 11 races (with no discards) for the event.

Final Standings (11 races)
1. Groovederci, John Demourkas , USA – 7 -4 -3 -1 -5 -3 -5 -6 -4 -9 -2 ; 49
2. Plenty, Alex Roepers , USA – 5 -1 -4 -6 -8 -1 -3 -4 -6 -5 -7 ; 50
3. Struntje light, Wolfgang Schaefer , GER – 1 -9 -6 -4 -1 -2 -9 -9 -2 -1 -8 ; 52
4. Nightshift, Kevin McNeil , USA – 2 -5 -5 -7 -3 -8 -6 -2 -8 -8 -3 ; 57
5. Flash Gordon 6, Helmut Jahn , USA – 18 -3 -1 -8 -10 -5 -1 -3 -3 -6 -6 ; 64
6. Estate Master, Martin Hill , AUS – 9 -8 -2 -5 -4 -10 -4 -10 -5 -7 -1 ; 65
7. Enfant Terrible, Alberto Rossi , ITA – 11 -6 -7 -17 -2 -12 -2 -1 -1 -2 -5 ; 66
8. Coquille, Gary Ezor , USA – 3 -7 -10 -10 -6 -9 -8 -7 -9 -4 -9 ; 82
9. Asterisk Uno, Hasip Gencer , TUR – 8 -2 -8 -3 -7 -6 -16 -13 -7 -3 -11 ; 84
10. Insanity, Rick Goebel , USA – 6 -11 -9 -9 -14 -4 -14 -11 -18 -13 -4 ; 113
11. Blade II, Michael Shlens , USA – 10 -10 -18 -16 -11 -7 -7 -5 -12 -15 -10 ; 121
12. Twisted, M. Tony Pohl , GBR – 4 -12 -14 -15 -9 -16 -10 -12 -11 -17 -13 ; 133
13. Temptress, Ray Godwin , USA – 12 -15 -11 -11 -12 -14 -13 -8 -10 -14 -14 ; 134
14. Cal Maritime, Cal Maritime , USA – 16 -14 -16 -2 -16 -17 -12 -15 -16 -11 -17 ; 152
15. Foil, Gordon Leon , USA – 15 -13 -15 -13 -15 -15 -11 -16 -13 -12 -15 ; 153
16. Huckleberry3, Jim Murrell , USA – 13 -17 -13 -14 -17 -11 -15 -14 -14 -10 -16 ; 154
17. White Knight, Zoltan Katinszky , USA – 14 -16 -12 -12 -13 -13 -17 -17 -15 -16 -12 ; 157


2015 J70 North Americans Wrap Up

San Diego, CA

September 27, 2015


From Scuttlebutt:

Jud Smith overcame a 15 point deficit on the final day of the J/70 North Americans to take the title. Sailing with Smith was Marc Gauthier, Victor Diaz, and William Felder.

Doug Strebel and the Zounds crew led for the first thee days of the event, posting all top six scores except for one race yesterday. However, while Smith gathered a 9-4 today, Strebel’s team struggled with a 25-18 to slip to second. Tim Healy finished third, a position he had held throughout the four day event.

With light winds and a 2:00pm deadline for the final race start, Smith only had two races to shorten Doug Strebel’s 15-point lead. Winds blew at an average of 6-8kts over the racing venue, set up just offshore from Coronado beach. The first race of the day was a four-leg course, with two upwind and two downwind sprints. Smith (Africa) finished in 9th place, while Strebel (Zounds powered by Black River Racing) fell to the second half of the fleet, finishing in 25th.


In addition to a major change on the scoreboard, Race 9 also had significant changes of its own. John Brigden (Cool Story, Bro) was poised for a top finish after an early lead in the upwind leg, but ultimately fell behind and finished in 14th place. Shannon Bush (Hooligan) and Thomas Bowen (Reach Around) both conceded two places during the second two legs, finishing in 6th and 4th, respectively.

Joel Ronning (Catapult) won Race 9, followed by Jeff Brown (J/70) in 2nd place and Julian Fernandez Neckelmann (Flojito y Cooperando) in 3rd.

Going into the final race of the regatta, a two-point spread separated Smith in 1st from Strebel in 2nd. Since competitors were not eligible for any throw-out scores, every race counted towards the final showdown.

The final race of the regatta was a 5-leg course with an upwind finish, whose original start was temporarily postponed to allow for consistent breezes to fill in.

By the time the fleet made it to the first upwind mark, Brad Rodi (Bl!ss) was leading the race with regatta leader Smith just four boats behind. Strebel was well behind the top third of the fleet during the second leg. He finished the race in 18th place, guaranteeing that Smith would take home the title.

Racing was held September 24-27. A maximum of four races could have been held on any day, and up to a maximum of 12 races (with no discards) for the series.



J70 NAs – Day 3

San Diego, CA

Results after eight races.

Shifty winds can’t shake the Top 3
September 25th, 2015

San Diego, CA: Although today’s shifty San Diego winds certainly made the day’s three races very interesting, they weren’t strong enough to shake the fleet leaders from their top spots.

When the second day of the 2015 J/70 North American Championship concluded, the top three positions remained unchanged: Zounds (Doug Strebel) in 1st, Africa (Jud Smith) in 2nd and Helly Hansen (Tim Healy) in 3rd.

The first race of the day began with winds blowing between 8-9kts at a direction of 270. A temporary left shift at the beginning of the first beat seemingly gave left-side starters a significant advantage over the rest of the fleet. However, their puff disappeared before the fleet was halfway to the weather mark, leaving them in slower winds than the steady pressure on the right side of the course.

Renato Faria, skipper of To Nessa, kept a tight tail on Jud Smith’s Africa as he led the rest of the fleet around the upwind mark. Faria was quick to close that gap on the downwind mark and took over as fleet leader, finishing the race with his first win of the regatta.

As crews regrouped for the next race, winds picked up to a steady 13kts. By the end of the upwind leg, a 17-degree shift in wind direction mixed up the beat’s current leaders, and Allan Terhune’s Ocho Cinco was quick to seize the opportunity in front of them. Terhune was able to hold his position throughout as he led Flojito y Cooperando (Julian Fernandez Neckelmann) and Cool Story, Bro (John Brigden) to finish in the top three spots of the race. It was the first top three finish for both Terhune and Neckelmann. By the time the rest of the fleet finished the race, the winds had slowed down to a light 7.5kts.

The third race of the day was the longest and the last, with Race Committee opting to set up a 5-leg course with an upwind finish. Jack Franco and the 3 Ball JT crew secured their first bullet of the regatta early in the race, after taking the lead on the very first upwind leg. Jud Smith’s Africa gained two boats after the first leg to finish in 2nd place. The current regatta leader Doug Strebel was overtaken by Kostanecki to finish Race 6 in 3rd place.

With 26 points, Smith is 5 points behind regatta leader Strebel and 21 points ahead of the 3rd place skipper Tim Healy. Racing will continue tomorrow with the First Warning scheduled for 11:30am.



2015 50th Annual E Scow Blue Chip Regatta – Day 2

RESULTS after five races.

After 3 Races Bora Gulari is in the lead

Friday, September 25, 2015
50th Blue Chip Regatta
20 Past Mystery Guests and 4 legends are skippering the E-Scow that qualified for the 2015 Blue Chip Regatta.
After 3 races Bora Gulari and the BH-8 team of Carl Horrocks, Ryan Bailey, and Henry Colie lead by 9 points over Paul Cayard skippering the Tobin Tormehl V-551 team.
After the race Gary Jobson was the moderator for a distinguished panel of sailors that included Buddy Melges, Peter Harken, Paul Cayard, Mark Reynold, JJ Fetter. Lots of great stories about their experiences and sailing E-Scow in the Blue Chip regatta.
Friday evening Harken hosted at fabulous cocktail party at their headquarters. Great food, drinks, drone videos from the days racing.



Farr 40 Worlds – Day 3

Cumulative Results after nine races.

On a day of sparkling sunshine, it couldn’t have been much brighter for Alberto Rossi and the crew of Enfant Terrible in the Rolex Farr 40 World Championship. The Italian team posted two wins and a second place in the day’s three races. Only some poor results in earlier races, thanks in part to problems with the kelp, will stop Rossi from winning this championship.

The lead, after nine races, is shared by Alex Roepers with Plenty, and John Demourkas’ Groovederci. They are five points clear of Wolfgang Schaefer’s Struntje Light, who in turn is three points ahead of Kevin McNeil’s Nightshift. The top five have displayed consistency, whereas all the others have had results they would like to forget, but this, as always, is a no-discard series.

No one knows better than Demourkas just how important the final day will be and he knows also of the private rivalry that exists between his tactician, John Kostecki, and the tactician of Plenty, Terry Hutchinson. “They’ve been racing each other for years,” said Demourkas, “and I have no doubt that they will be at it again tomorrow.”


2015 50th Annual E Scow Blue Chip Regatta – Day 1

Pewaukee, WI


SoCal sailing greats Dave Ullman, JJ Fetter and Mark Reynolds are skippering E-Scows this weekend at PYC’s epic 50th Annual Blue Chip Championship.

Day 1 Race Results


Some Background:

The E Blue Chip Regatta is the Pewaukee Yacht Club’s signature event and unique in several ways. It’s the only annual regatta they host where competitors must qualify to receive a coveted invitation. The result is a 3 day race series of the highest level of E Scow competitors from around the country. The regatta has been sailed on Pewaukee for over 49 years by the absolute best E Scow sailors in the world. Invitations are sent based on performance in high profile regattas during the current season.

The real draw of this event is the guest skipper which sails under the sail number ” ? “. The invited guest is typically a world renowned sailor which has earned Olympic medals or world champion honors across all forms of sailboats from Americas Cup yachts to the 16′ Moth. They all know the prestige of sailing in this event. . It’s fun to see how fast the guest picks up on the nuances of boat handling and characteristics of the scow. Yes, the guests do occasionally win the regatta.

In celebration of the 50th regatta, 20-30 past mystery guests & honorary class legends were invited back to compete against each other in this all-star event.  All the boats and crew are provided.