SCSN Sailing History – 2005 NHYC Cabo Race

In the Spring of 2005 I entered my 44,000# Lead Sled 1973 Columbia 52 Tripp designed Gypsy in the NHYC Cabo Race. It was a dream come true for me to enter my own boat with a crew of great sailors and friends to enjoy a few days sailing and racing down the Baja, CA coast to an incredible destination.

Cabo Hank DVD

One of my best friends of over 40 years Hank O’Brien was on the crew and produced this really cool 9+ minute incredible video of our adventure. It is worth checking out just for the music track!  The first few shots are of this fantastic team repairing a steering cable failure just after we left Alamitos Bay on the way to the starting line off the Newport Beach Pier.  The steering failed on the motor down and under auto pilot my guys completed a repair that allowed us to start on time and complete the race.

The race was pretty breezy and we completed the course in a little over 4 days.  We saw lots of sea life – Whales, birds, dolphin – The moon was out every night and lots of breeze– A spectacular trip with lasting memories.

Good times!

Check out the Blog I created for Gypsy’s adventures and more.


Team Gypsy 2005 Cabo Crew:

Steve Washburn- Long Beach, CA

Hank O’Brien – Minnetonka, MN

Tom Burton – Minnetoka, MN

Steve Steinberg – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Greg Heath – Dana Point, CA

Marty Vogel – Huntington Harbor, CA

Seth Morell – Chicago, IL

Chuck Losness – Dana Point, CA

Cabo Finish

Bruce Golison and His Team Tops the J70 Class at LBRW

Long Beach’s Bruce Golison assembled a team of Canadian Olympian Richard Clarke , San Diego’s accomplished sailor Mikey Anderson and Bruce’s brother multi class national championship sailor in his own right Jay Golison and  came through with a convincing win at LBRW.

BG LBRW 2015

Press Release excerpts via Scuttlebutt:

Long Beach, CA (June 28, 2015) – Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week (LBRW) concluded with a ‘splash’ – as classic Long Beach conditions gelled, and a solid breeze filled in from the west. Ivory cirrus swirled in the blue skies; steady waves and swell barreled through the courses.

After three days of exciting and challenging, racing – Bruce Golison aboard Midlife Crisis was awarded One Design Boat of the Week.

LBRW had its origins in 1980, and is hosted by neighboring Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC) and Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC).



27 JUNE 2015, LONG BEACH, CA – – Wacky weather was the name of the game on Day Two of Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week testing both racers and race committee alike; as the wind vacillated and swung, rose and fell, and unseasonable rain rolled through the trio of courses.


And it was more challenging for some of the 128 entrants, than others. Cat Attack, a newly launched XS 35 catamaran, racing on the 23-mile random leg course – dismasted just off oil island Eva, where the seas were particularly steep.

“We were gaining on the competition, moving from third to second place, and pushing hard,” said skipper Randy Reynolds,when we slammed into a big wave.”The mast buckled roughly eight-feet off the deck, and fell. Crew member Erik Ray was pinned beneath the detritus, and wriggled his way out. Ray, who suffers from Erdheim-Chester Disease, was deemed okay, and the crew pressed on, cutting away the rig. They motored back to Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC) where they were in good spirits at the bar. Ray maintained any day on the water is a good day – even when you dismast – saying yacht racing is his own personal ‘make-a-wish’ grant. In that multihull division, Pete Melvin held the lead with two wins.



As the wind played its mischievous tricks, there were sloppy douses and DNFs, and race officials on each of the three courses were kept on their toes.   But some used the wily weather to their advantage.

Velos moved to the top of the PHRF-RL-1 class, inching out Medicine Man by one point.

We had a great day,” said Kjeld Hestehave, who was still calculating the numbers when he arrived at the dock. “We had a really great start, and forced Medicine Man to tack over. Then we had a great spinnaker set, but they had a little problem … and we were able to sail a bit lower than them.” At one point Velos, a custom 73-foot sloop, watched the faster Medicine Man sail into a hole in the patchy wind. “We took every sail we had in inventory, brought it on deck, not knowing which one we’d put up,” Hestehave said. “We used every one.

“We’re a furniture boat, not just a hull: we’re the underdog!he added; and with his and partner Diane’s pooch Jasmine on board, they were underdogs with “puppy power.”

Elsewhere on the course, Dave Hood maintained a solid lead in the Catalina 37 fleet; in the J/80 Class Avet logged a 1-1-1-1 record. Other leaders include: Farr 40, Blade; J/109, Electra; J/120, Caper; J/70, Midlife Crisis; PHRF 1, Tai Kaui; PHRF 2, ETicket; PHRF 3, Lugano; PHRF-RL-2, Gator; Schock 35, Code Blue; and Viper 640, Hot Mess. In PHRF 4, Off the Porch and Ceann Saile tied for first; while Rebel Yell held a slim one point lead over Bud in the Fast 50s class.

The day had started fair enough, with a 15 knot breeze from the west. Sailors saw gusts into the 20s, but then it fizzled briefly, shifting a full 110-degrees, before settling back at around 6 knots, for the day’s finale.

Racing will continue Sunday, June 28, off Long Beach, Calif., with a prize giving at LBYC Sunday evening. Long Beach Race Week is organized by LBYC and Alamitos Yacht Club (ABYC),  hosting competitors from the US, Canada and Mexico.

Visit for more information; for results.

LBRW Saturday-0809

2015 Long Beach Race Week Kicks Off – Day 1 Report


26 JUNE 2015, LONG BEACH, CA – – The smiles outshone the hazy California sunshine today, as friends from the West Coast and beyond reconnected at Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week (LBRW). The docks were abuzz with handshakes and hugs, and the joyful sounds of friends reuniting, at the opener of this popular three-day regatta, which is hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) and Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC).   COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE

SCSN History – Newport Daily Pilot Reporter Coral Wilson Article On the 2003 NOSA Ensenada Race Aboard Gypsy

In 2003 Ralph Rodheim asked the SCSN Editor if he would take a Daily Pilot reporter aboard his boat Gypsy to document the race. He of course said yes and here is the article she wrote:

Gypsy Makes it to Ensenada

April 27, 2003

At 5 a.m. the finish line for the Tommy Bahama Newport to Ensenada yacht race was already in sight, but it was still a long way to the end. Gypsy bobbed slowly on the water and the waves gently tickled her sides.  In a bleary-eyed state of exhaustion, it is easy to forget might make all the difference. Time seems to be in abundance……….Complete Story

LBYC Wet Wednesdays


LBYC burgee

Catalina 37 (11 boats) (top)
Series Standing – 6 races scored

Information is final.
Regatta results last updated: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:39:21 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 2, self, Chris Orlando, none, 4-[10]-1-1-2-2- ; 10
2. 6, Long Beach YC, Dave Hood, Long Beach Yacht Club, 1-1-3-5-[8]-1- ; 11
3. 3, , Jeff Busche Steve Brown, HHYC / BCYC, 7-3-2-2-1-[9]- ; 15
4. 11, Jordan High School, US Sailing Center Long Beach, USSCLB, 2-2-[7]-3-6-4- ; 17
5. 8, Team Bottoms Up, Wendy Corzine, Long Beach Yacht Club, 3-4-4-[10]-7-6- ; 24
6. 4, , Jane Hoffner, Balboa Yacht Club, 6-5-[10]-7-5-3- ; 26
7. 1, Spice Girls, Lisa Meier, LBYC, [12/DNC]-9-6-6-3-7- ; 31T
8. 5, Team N&D Racing, Laura Ives, LBYC, 5-6-8-[9]-4-8- ; 31T
9. 10, Unknown, Stephen Ashley, Shoreline Yacht Club, 8-8-[9]-4-9-5- ; 34
10. 9, , Chris Macy, LBYC, 10-7-5-8-[11]-10/DNF- ; 40
11. 7, , Loren Herbst, Son of Ron and Leslie Herbst, 9-[11]-11-11-10-10/DNF- ; 51


Cal 25 (4 boats) (top)
Series Standing – 6 races scored

Information is final.
Regatta results last updated: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:39:21 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 17850, One Time, Art & Scott Melendres, ABYC, 1-1-1-[2]-2-1- ; 6
2. 46232, Tiburon, Felix Basadre, SLBYC, [2]-2-2-1-1-2- ; 8
3. 56019, The Iguana, Dennis Diem, LBYC/ABYC, 3-3-3-3-3-[4/DNC]- ; 15
4. 467, Go Big Daddy, William Wheeler, HHYC, [5/DNC]-5/DNC-4-4/DNC-4-3- ; 20

Cal 20 (13 boats) (top)
Series Standing – 6 races scored

Information is final.
Regatta results last updated: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:39:21 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 56, Rubber Dog, Keith Ives /Chuck Stevens, LBYC/ABYC, 1-1-1-1-1-[4]- ; 5
2. 555, Waka Waka, Nash /Barnard/Odegard, ABYC, [5]-3-2-3-3-1- ; 12
3. 373, Bravura, Jeff Ives /Phil Soma, ABYC/TPYC, 2-2-7/DNC-[8/DNC]-2-2- ; 15
4. 69, Lickety Split, Mike Wood /Ron Wood, ABYC/LBYC, 3-5-3-5-[9/DNC]-6/DNC- ; 22
5. 508, Breakfast Club, John Merchant, ABYC, 4-[13/DNC]-7/DNC-8/DNC-4-3- ; 26
6. 747, Heatwave, Jerry Montgomery, ABYC, 6-4-6-[7]-7-5- ; 28
7. 962, Sailbad, Bruce Dybens, lbyc, [8]-6-4-6-8-6/DNC- ; 30
8. 1150, Dragonfly 42, Steven George, ABYC, 7-7/RET-7/DNC-4-[9/DNC]-6/DNC- ; 31
9. 299, Loryee, Dan Bates, ABYC, [13/DNC]-13/DNC-5-8/DNC-6-6/DNC- ; 38
10. 117, Second Wind, Craig Stenberg /John Strong, LBYC, [14/DNC]-14/DNC-14/DNC-2-5-6/DNC- ; 41
11. 663, Horton, David/Matt Rustigian, Alamitos Bay YC, [13/DNC]-13/DNC-7/DNC-8/DNC-9/DNC-6/DNC- ; 43T
12. 250, Green Machinge, David Robertson, LBYC, [13/DNC]-13/DNC-7/DNC-8/DNC-9/DNC-6/DNC- ; 43T
13. 728, Bliss, John Sanders, Little Ships, [13/DNC]-13/DNC-7/DNC-8/DNC-9/DNC-6/DNC- ; 43T

PHRF A (6 boats) (top)
Series Standing – 6 races scored

Information is final.
Regatta results last updated: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:39:21 PM CDT
Click on race number to view detailed race information.

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 53005, Gator, Todd and Ben Wheatley, LBYC/ABYC, 2-[7/DNC]-1-1-2-1- ; 7
2. 35032, Flyingfiche, Chris Wacker, LBYC, 1-3-[5]-3-1-3- ; 11
3. 27007, Paranoia, Rick von Heydenreich, LBYC, 3-4-2-2-[5/DNC]-5/DNC- ; 16
4. 87995, Whiplash, Ted Thompson, LBYC, 4-2-4-[6]-3-4- ; 17
5. 67531, HURRAH, Dave Weil / Eric Gustafson, LBYC, [5/DNF]-5-3-4-4-2- ; 18
6. 46048, Macs’, Eric & Steve McClure, ABYC, 5/DNF-1-[6/DNC]-5-5/DNC-5/DNC- ; 21   

Fast is Fun – A Look Back at Bill Lee’s Merlin One Month Before Her First TransPac in 1977

Bill Lee, Merlin, and the cosmic thrill

Reprinted from Sail Magazine, June 1977

By Charles Mason  – Photos by Greg Dorland

[Note: this was printed one month before Merlin raced her first Transpac and set the still standing elapsed time record.]

Monterey Bay, California, in the middle of March. The waters glisten brightly and, encouraged by the bright afternoon sun, the wind off Santa Cruz is beginning to pick up. It is a good day for a sail by anyone’s standards. On board the 67-foot Merlin out on the bay there is excitement and anticipation. That’s a bit unusual, for everyone on board has known each other for years; they have sailed together on all sorts of boats and in all kinds of situations. There’s little they haven’t seen or been through. Still, today is special because it is the first real sail for the big sloop since its launching a week or so earlier………………….COMPLETE ARTICLE