NOSA 2015 News Announcement

N2E Now A Transpac Qualifier

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 28, 2014

N2E 2015

Officials with the Newport Ocean Sailing Association have announced that the iconic Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race is now an approved Transpac qualifying event.

According to the Transpac Notice of Race, to be eligible for the July 2015 event, each boat must complete a qualifying race prior to June 1. Those races are generally 150-plus nautical-mile ocean passages. Few Southern California races meet those requirements.

To meet the qualifying criteria, NOSA will offer a separate, longer N2E course that will go around San Clemente Island and south to the same finish line as the other racers.

NOSA believes the more challenging course will be advantageous for local boats and skippers new to Transpac and competitors sailing from afar who could sail N2E as a tune up race. Vice Commodore Jerry Moulton suggested the longer, offshore route that members of US Sailing and the Transpacific Yacht Club officially approved.

The course will be open to all racers who qualify; bigger boats and race veterans wanting to up their level of competition, fun and excitement while racing against world-class Transpac contenders.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” said Moulton. N2E boats running the supplemental course will have to meet higher Transpac safety standards as US Sailing considers the new route an ocean course. N2E is normally considered a coastal race.

“Anyone who qualifies can participate in the longer race,” said Moulton. Those higher Transpac standards will potentially include having upgraded safety equipment aboard.

Transpac, a 2,225 nautical mile race from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii runs every two years. Officials announced the opening of entries for the 48th running on its Facebook page September 16 and two 100-foot yachts have already signed up. One is Bob Oatley’s supermaxi, Wild Oats XI, which is operated as a joint venture between Oatley and Roy Disney Jr.

The annual N2E race will run April 24, 2015. Entries open January 1, 2015

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ABYC’s 67th Turkey Day Regatta

Alamitos Bay Yacht Club – Long Beach, Calif.


From Rich Roberts

Nov. 22-23, 2014

Sunday’s weather: Wind 7-11k, W-SW; high temp. 75F.

TD Lasers

A turkey hop closer to Rio de Janeiro

Most of the nearly 300 sailors on 216 boats in 21 classes in Alamitos Bay Yacht Club’s 67th Turkey Day Regatta came to enjoy sunny sailing in mild conditions, which the weekend delivered beautifully.

By tradition, the winners received turkeys, not trophies, but for a few others it was another important stopover en route to Rio de Janeiro and the 2016 Olympics. They hope.

Chris Barnard of Newport Beach and Erik Bowers from Minnesota showed they are taking their sailing more seriously all the time, since only one American Laser sailor will be going to Brazil, along with single competitors or crews in other classes.

Barnard and Bowers are currently second and third behind Charlie Buckingham in the U.S. Laser rankings building up to the Olympics, a status that Barnard calls “the best U.S. has been in 5 or 10 years.”

Charlie Buckingham, who didn’t compete this weekend, is atop the list, but they’ll all work that out over the next several months. This time it was Barnard who won five of eight races, while Bowers bagged one and Cooper Weitz collected the other two, plus three seconds, until fading with a seventh and sixth at the end to finish one point behind Bowers.

One large factor in their success so far has been a boost in financial support for their campaigns through U.S. Sailing and other sources that makes their game a fulltime job.

“I’ve had lots of support from friends, family and sponsors,” Barnard said.

Competition helps, too. Barnard beat Bowers in seven of the eight races but had only one finish worse than second—a third that he was able to discard. Bowers pushed Barnard hardest in Sunday’s second race when they came down to about 15 yards from the finish line overlapped after Bowers had tacked across Barnard’s bow.

Then, Bowers said, “I was just an idiot. I tried to make a pass on him and fouled him.”

By the time he did his penalty turns Barnard was finishing.

The Laser racing also was the second round of the class’s 2014-2015 Ullman/Frost Series, held in conjunction with Turkey Day. Details:

The sailing was outside in Long Beach Harbor and inside on Alamitos Bay, featuring the introduction of 22 singlehanded Optimists for sailors age 15 and younger.

Other noteworthy winners included 29er aces Romain Screve and crew Quinn Wilson from the San Francisco and Santa Barbara YCs, respectively—Wilson won the class as a skipper last year—and Ted Conrads and crew Brian Haines of St. Francis YC in the 5-0-5 skiffs.

Class winners

Ocean courses

OPTIMIST/OCEAN (11 boats)—Jake Mayol, Bahia Corinthian YC, 2-1-2-(4)-1-1-2-2-2, 13.

LASER FULL (21)—Chris Barnard, ABYC/Newport Harbor YC, 2-2-1-1-(3)-1-1-1, 9.

LASER RADIAL-OCEAN (37)—Lucas Pierce, Santa Barbara YC, 4-2-2-1-(11)-5-6, 20.

29ER (12)—Romain Screve/Quinn Wilson, San Francisco/Santa Barbara YCs, 1-1-1-2-2-1-2, 10.

5-0-5 (10)—Ted Conrads/Brian Haines, St. Francis YC, 3-1-4-1-(6)-2-1-2-, 14.

MERCURY (5)—Randy Smith/Kathryn Smith, San Francisco YC, 2-1-2-(4)-2-1-1, 9.

49ER (3)—Zack Downing/Riley Gibbs, ABYC/SDYC, 1-2-1-1-1-(3)-2-2, 10.

CAL 20 (9)—Keith Ives/Chuck Stevens, ABYC/LBYC, 1-2-1-(4)-2-1-1, 8.

VIPER 640 (11)—Alex Steele/Carlos Sanchez, Balboa YC, 1-1-1-1-1-1-12 (DNC)-(12/DNC), 18.

FINN (11)—Phillip Toth, Minnetonka YC, (4)-1-1-3-1-1-1, 8.

FORMULA 18 (3)—Pete Melvin/James Melvin, ABYC, 2-1-1-1-2-1-1-(3), 9.

SHIELDS (2)—Charles Abbott/Kyle Henneberque, 1-1-2, 4.

Bay courses

OPTIMIST GREEN (6)—Michael Fineman, Del Rey YC, 1-(2)-2-2-2-1, 8.

LIDO 14 A (4)—Mark Ryan/Sarah Schaupeter, CSULB, (3)-1-1—1-1-1-1, 6.

LIDO 14 B (7)—Jon Ziskind/Crue Ziskind, SBYC, 1-(4)-2-4-3-1-1, 12.

SABOT A (4)—Erik Hou, NHYC, 2-2-2-1-2-(3)-1-1, 11.

SABOT B (9)—Jonathan Chance, NHYC, 1-1-(5)-3-3-1-1, 11.

SABOT C1 (13)—Cameron Cage, San Diego YC, 4-3-1-2-1-3-3-(10), 17.

SABOT C2 (11)—Cole Kristiansen, NHYC, 2-1-2-2-2-5-(7)-5, 19.

SABOT C3 (10)—Jack Roman, NHYC, 2-1-1-3-1-3-(6)-2, 13.

Complete results

His-Res Photo Gallery

Rich Roberts
Cell 310.766.6547

2014 Butler Cup – LBYC

From Scuttlebutt: Long Beach, CA (November 17, 2014) –

Shane Young of Long Beach Yacht Club won the fall 2014 Butler Cup ISAF Grade 3 match race Sunday against a field of seven other challengers in this regatta hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club. Competing on the Long Beach Sailing Foundation’s fleet of Catalina 37s, Young’s competitors were Dave Hood, LBYC; Bill Durant, LBYC; Sandy Hayes, Scituate, Mass.; Lisa Meier, LBYC; Wendy Corzine, Seal Beach YC; Justin Law, Newport Harbor YC and Stephen Ashley of Shoreline YC………………..COMPLETE ARTICLE

Etchells Fleet 18 – Race Report – Alamitos Bay

ABYC – Long Beach, CA
November 8, 2014

Etchells Insignia

Report from John Gresham

Alamitos Bay Etchells Fleet 18 completed four races in glorious shirt sleeve weather with wind ranging from 10-12 knots. The races consisted of windward / leeward courses with either one or two laps. Congratulations to Rich Vaught, Bob Bishop, and Mark Rastello for winning this month’s fleet race.   Many thanks to PRO Jim Drury for running all four races and taking pictures.

Etchells Fleet 18 @ ABYC has monthly fleet races and if you are interested in crewing, please contact John Gresham (Contact Info below).  The next Fleet race will be held on Saturday, December 13.

Looking forward to next year’s schedule, here are the first 6 Fleet Race dates, all on a Saturday. Get them on your calendar!
January 10
February 14
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 20


After a brief hiatus, Jerry Montgomery wastes little time getting back into the swing of things, winning the fourth race.


Chris Wells got her all cranked in going to weather.

Dudley and Vaught

Gordon Dudley chasing Rich Vaught in the second race.


Gresham & the Gronwald brothers chase Vaught in the last race for the tie breaker.


Vaught, Bishop and Rastello show us winning form.



Our mailing address is:
Etchells Fleet 11

Attn.: John Gresham (


Long Beach, CA 90803

SOLD – Etchells #1285 For Sale – SOLD

From Bruce Golison:

We are selling Etchells number 1285, considered by many to be one of the special Etchells ever built. In addition, our boat has been primarily stored indoors since it was built.

The boat has an impressive resume of race results including 1st and 3rd at its last two North American Championships (2010 & 2013) and numerous podium finishes at the Jaguar Series and regattas throughout the country.

This boat is flawless and ready to win at the highest levels. Jeff Madrigali rigged this boat and he updates all the rigging systems annually to the latest thinking. Jud Smith sailed on our boat for two years and we never needed to change anything!

1285 is loaded with the best of everything:

Brand new Proctor mast in May 2014….it has 3 regattas on it (I personally had first choice of masts and handpicked this mast due to its stiffness and being perfectly straight)

All new shrouds (with Brogla turnbuckles), headstay, backstay and halyards. A spare Proctor mast, shrouds and halyards, a spare boom and spinnaker pole are also included.

The main bulkhead was replaced with a new bulkhead and installed with the factory’s new fiberglass schedule making the boat as stiff as any new boat.

Two (2) new sets of sails (used in 1 – 3 regattas) covering all wind ranges (from 2014 Jaguar and Worlds).

Hull, bottom and keel all are faired.

A wide selection of covers is included.

Our boat is currently located indoors in Connecticut.

Price: $55,000.00 US

Please contact Bruce Golison for more information or to purchase Etchells 1285:
Cell: (562) 305 – 6424