The 2014 Lido 14 Class Championships Update – Venue and Format Change

As reported here a few weeks ago,  the water level at Huntington Lake would not be adequate this summer to be able to sail,  and therefore all events have been cancelled,  including the planned 2014 Lido 14 Class Championship there.

Alamitos Bay Fleet Six  has stepped up and will host this year’s event at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club implementing a new, innovative and well conceived plan for the National Class Championships.   Racing will be August 1 through August 3.

The format will consist of a schedule of  many short races of 15 to 20 minutes in duration over the three days of competition, with the Gold and Silver Fleets alternating times on the race course so there will plenty of time for sailing and camaraderie on shore as well.   

The Women’s and Junior National Championships will be held August 10 with more of the same fun and fanfare.





2014 Ensenada Race Updates – Saturday


1100 Update:  Most of the fleet is in, along with several DNFs.  The two trimarans had a great duel charging down the course and completing it in a little over 7 1/2 hours.  The MOD 70 Orion edged out the ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe by two minutes.

In the monohull fleet, it looks like the SC50 Horizon will take overall handicap honors just ahead of the J125 Timeshaver.

Stories and final results to follow as they become available.



0330 Update: The ORCA boats as well as the MAXI Class A and some Class B boats are in now. Fresh breezes have filled in across the course.


The 2014 Ensenada Race – Friday Updates

1800 PT Update:  Several boats are now showing up on the AIS Tracker.



1530 Update: MM is already now off of La Jolla with Orion a few miles back chasing her.  LINK to SCREENSHOT HERE


MM is lighting it up right now sailing down the rhumb line in the mid 20 knot range.

Recent Screenshot:

Screenshot 2014-04-25 at 14.26.52


Mighty Merloe

2014 NOSA Newport to Ensenada Race Starts Today – Weather Outlook Update

The conditions for today’s Newport to Ensenada Race are looking quite good for some great sailing in fresh and strong breezes that look to fill in quite nicely.  Gale warnings are now posted that cover some of the race course.

See the NOAA Forecast Here.

Mark Michaelson has been up very early this morning preparing forecast and routing reports for teams that subscribe to his services.

He posted the following notice a few minutes ago:

Good Friday morning to everyone from the WxRouting weather center.  The 66th annual Newport to Ensenada Yacht race kicks off today around noon off the Balboa Pier off Newport Beach, CA. A late season storm is dropping southward and a GALE WARNING* has now been posted for the inner waters and includes part of the race course. This warning may be extended southward as winds and seas build.  A 50% chance of rain is also in the forecast so the challenges will be many for the racers. For Saturday morning through Saturday afternoon there is a chance of thunderstorms over the coastal waters.

At 0300HRS PDT winds in the coastal waters of the northern channel islands are in the 29 knot sustained range and gusting into the mid 30s. The wave heights are already 8.5 feet with a very short period of just 9 seconds.  A southerly swell at four feel will add to the washing machine effect.

At this time I will make the recommendation that racers unprepared for these conditions or vessels not thoroughly outfitted consider your options carefully with regard  to sailing the course.  Safe ports of harbor along the way should also be thoroughly inspected and charts consulted in advance of departure so that you are familiar with fairways and range markers should seeking refuge from the potentially hazardous conditions become a prudent choice should the conditions are more than your crew or your boat can handle. Remember that it is the skipper and crew’s sole responsibility to determine whether it is safe to race at the start and at any time while on the race course.

A good man (or woman) knows their limitations (Thank you Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry for that quote). But it applies in spades today. For race teams and vessels who are prepared this may be an epic race…one many of us who have heavy weather experience cherish as they are few and far between but the utmost care needs to be given with regard to safety. Jacklines should be run. Harnesses should be worn and ideally with PFDs included. Recent Man Over Board drills should be reviewed and all crew should be apprised of the expected conditions.

Returning home may be quite the challenge. Winds and seas remain a concern right through Sunday and care and prudence should be used in abundance when choosing a day and time to return to port here in the states.

Be safe everyone and many thanks to those of you who have selected WxRouting race forecasting to make your voyage as fast and safe as possible.  For those of you who have purchased the race forecast package the details will lag by about 15 minutes today as there is a lot of data coming in and I feel it more important to get the forecast right than to get it to you 15 minutes earlier.

Forecast Map 4 25 2014


SCSN Weekend Preview – 2014 Newport to Ensenada Race

This weekend brings the 2014 version of the venerable Newport to Ensenada Race with a Friday, April 25, 2014 start.  This event started in 1948 and continues on to this day.

Participation is well below the large fleets that swelled to several hundred in the past. Currently there are 166 entries listed on the event website, but around a third of these are cruising class entrants that are  allowed to motor.

The weather experts are predicting promising conditions of a nice westerly filling in making conditions possible for records to be broken.  The only question remains on when the breeze that looks to develop will come in to make for what looks like a more than normal fast trip down the coast.  The delivery trip home on Saturday and Sunday looks to be quite a spirited journey upwind.


Local weather and routing guru Mark Michaelson is providing routing services and weather forecasting reports for competitors, something he has done successfully for many years,  This morning he reported that the new models are out with some interesting changes.  The first couple of hours will likely make or break the race for many teams.

He is offering the following:  You can get a free forecast for your team, today through Friday- when you order six or more Pro-Tech team shirts at 60% off including your left chest logo (That makes them under $20 w/logo!).  The free forecast will be sent on Friday morning.

Just email your boat type after placing your order:


PSSA Around Catalina Race Analysis

CLICK HERE to view PSSA’s Kattack Race Viewer of the recently completed 41 NM Around Catalina Race held last Saturday, April 12th.  This race for single and double handed competitors started off of Pt. Vincente and finished off of the East End of Catalina Island.

Note:  Dial up the replay speed to watch in just a couple of minutes.