2018 Catalina Island Series – Ship Rock Race and Return

 Results Races 5 & 6 – Current Standings

2018 BYC Governor’s Cup Results


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2018 Jessica Uniack Beach to Bay Race

Long Beach, CA – Jul 19, 2018


2018 Dutch Shoe Marathon Results

July 20, 2018 – San Diego, CA



Ann Walton-Teter Update and GoFundMe Link – SoCal 300 Rescue

Annie Walton-Teter, who was seriously injured during the last night of the SoCal 300 race on June 1, will be leaving hospital today and continuing in an intensive brain injury rehabilitation program at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas.

She has made remarkable progress in all areas, from being able to make only minimal movements and responses of any kind, to being able now to walk with minimal assistance, converse fluently, and take part in most aspects of her care. Over the next couple of years she faces challenges in recovering coordination and balance, remastering cognitive skills, and having the patience and understanding to deal with the distance between her current and her former abilities.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help with rehabilitation costs not covered by insurance as well as to support the all-around care and supervision she needs. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page:

Annie Walton-Teter GoFund Me Link


Cover Photo Credit: Kristine Ambrose @kristineambrose

Socal’s Vince Brun Inducted into the Class of 2018 National Sailing Hall of Fame

2018 Inductee Vince Brun: Click on image for bio.

NSHOF Class of 2018 Inductees


2018 Crew of 2 Around Catalina Race Results


2018 Cal 20 SoCal Championship

Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club | July 14, 2018

Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 372, , Chris Raab, ABYC/CBYC, 4-2-1- ; 7T
2. 26, Veintiseis, Chuck Clay, ABYC, 2-3-2- ; 7T
3. 56, Rubber Dog, Keith Ives, ABYC/LBYC, 1-1-6- ; 8
4. 376, Bandini Mountain, Mike DeBrincat, ABYC, 3-6-4- ; 13
5. 44, Whisper, Tony Collins, CBYC/KHYC, 7-4-3- ; 14
6. 294, Sluggo, William Schopp, Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, 5-7-7- ; 19
7. 1350, Vim, Richard Welsh, Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, 10-5-5- ; 20
8. 431, Highlander, Rick McGregor, CBYC, 6-9-9- ; 24T
9. 461, Sail Fish, Dean Wyer, CBYC, 8-8-8- ; 24T
10. 888, Darrell, ZOLTAN KATINSZKY, CBYC, 12-10-10- ; 32
11. 138, Marooned, James Knigge, Cabrillo Beach Yact Club, 11-12-11- ; 34
12. 32, Deja Vu, Burr hope, King Harbor Yacht Club, 9-11-16/RET- ; 36
13. 19, Breaking Wind, Gordon Leon, CBYC, 13-13-12- ; 38
14. 466, Kraken, John Stapleton, BUCYC, 14-14-13- ; 41
15. 1241, Peopermibt, Joyce Ibbetson, Bucaneer, 16/RET-BF-16/DNS-16/DNS- ; 48   

The Moorings 2018 Laser North American Championship Hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

LONG BEACH, CA  15 July 2018 – – After four days of lively racing – in breezes that built to the high teens Friday and Saturday, before tapering off to more moderate, southerly winds today – The Moorings 2018 Laser Class North American titles have been decided. Charlie Buckingham, USA, has won the Bruce Kirby Cup; with Brenda Bowskill, CAN, the North American Radial Champion.

Brisk conditions kept racers on their toes during the July 12 to 15 regatta, hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC). By Saturday afternoon, at the end Race Nine, ‘the wheels were coming off,’ one observer remarked. There were collisions, general recalls, knock-downs, dismastings … the recipe for adversity ‘one part conditions, one part aggression, one part fatigue’ as rivals tried to unseat the frontrunners, who have had a steady grip on the podium since Thursday.

But it was a classic case of the rich getting richer.

Olympian Charlie Buckingham, USA, who has dominated the Laser Standard division since Day One, triumphed for the 2018 Bruce Kirby Cup. With half his finishes in the regatta first-place bullets, the four-time Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association All-American, from nearby Newport Beach, held off an attack by three-time North American Champion Chris Barnard, USA, and Olympian Bruno Fontes, BRA, who finished second and third.

At the top of the leaderboard in the daunting 80-boat Laser Radial fleet is Olympian Brenda Bowskill, CAN, who never relinquished her clutch on first place. Bowskill sailed for Canada in the 2016 Olympic Games and her exquisite form had opponents noting she was ‘one with her boat.’ Fellow Canadian Sarah Douglas, another Olympic hopeful, took a solid second; followed by Joseph Hou, USA.

Hou, 18, is a member of host club ABYC, a solid competitor and “a really big asset to me, on the water,” said his brother Erik Hou, 15, who placed third in Laser 4.7. “This is my first international regatta, so it’s been great competing against people from other regions and countries, and seeing how they sail,” added Erik. “It’s been really tiring but a really great experience, and I’m having a great time. And my brother helps me out, giving me some tips.”

That paid off – putting Erik on the podium in the closely raced 4.7 fleet.

In that class, Abbie Carlson, USA, and Spencer Leman CAN, were tied or trading places throughout the regatta. In the end, Carlson edged out Leman, for the Laser 4.7 honors.

Today had begun slowly, but not only because competitors were pooped. The final moments of World Cup soccer were being broadcast, and sailors clustered around TVs at the breakfast buffet and race office. As France took the Cup, the weary sailors moved on – with Race Chair Ed Spotskey congratulating French competitors John Bernard Duler and Luc Chevrier for their nation’s win.

Then it was back to business: to wrap up the final day of racing for The Moorings 2018 Laser North American Championship titles.

More than 160 competitors travelled from 26 nations to compete in this well-run event, overseen by Principal Race Officer Mark Townsend.

“What makes me most proud, as Race Chair for an event of this caliber, is all the teams from around the world and the US who make a point to come up and tell us what a wonderful event this is, and how terrific the hospitality is at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club,” said Spotskey. “They truly appreciate being here, competing at and enjoying this awesome venue. That makes us feel pretty special. That’s why we do this.”

Spotskey lauded the competitors, as well as ABYC’s army of volunteers, and sponsors, including title sponsor The Moorings.

Tom White, representing The Moorings, added, “It’s an honor for The Moorings to be a part of the International Laser Class 2018 North American Championship, hosted by the beautiful Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. We could not have asked for a better platform to showcase our yacht charter vacations.” With a global field of people who love to sail, from tweens to septuagenarians, the Laser class an ideal alliance. “All of us at The Moorings look forward to working with the ILCA again in the future.”

Top five finishers in each division are:


  1. Charlie Buckingham            USA
  2. Chris Barnard                      USA
  3. Bruno Fontes                       BRA
  4. Henry Marshall                    USA
  5. Juan Maegli                         GUA


  1. Brenda Bowskill                    CAN
  2. Sarah Douglas                      CAN
  3. Joseph Hou                           USA
  4. Ricky Welch                           USA
  5. Maura Dewey                        CAN


  1. Abbie Carlson                       USA
  2. Spencer Leman                    CAN
  3. Erik Hou                                USA
  4. Katherine Nelson                  USA
  5. Sammy Farkas                     USA

For complete results and information please visit www.abyc.org.

Cover Photo Credit: Tom Walker

2018 Laser North Americans Day 3 Update


Cover Photo: Tom Walker